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Finding the right program to track your hours

09/21/2019 10:09 AM | Michael Crile (Administrator)

Tracking your hours can be a tedious task. In today’s modern world, tracking has become simplified with Hour Tracking companies. The question is, which one should I use. Here is a simple run down of the programs, pricing and any known benefits that are found that surpass the other trackers.


          $90 for one year to $200 for three years.



          The program sorts your hours under each supervisor.

          Has both old and new experience format.


          Two options for pricing: $10 per month pay as you go (great if you just need it for a few months

          Option two: $60 for one year ($4.95 per month paid at one time.)

          Two years    $107

          Three years  $160

          Four years    $214   This is the only program I found that had more than three year plan.



          $30 for one year to $68 for three years.

          This site has a few interesting options to help in tracking that I wish I would have found before now.

          It is fully customizable.

          You can track hours and tasks.

          You can schedule recurring tasks.

          You will have summaries and graphs available for your hours.

          You can track supervision hours.

          YOU CAN EVEN TRACK ASSESSMENTS that you conduct.

          iPad integration.

          You are also able to save client information to see the tasks you have completed with them and demographic information.


There are always organizations, such as specific universities that will even give you a file to help you track hours, such as an Xcel Spreadsheet. This may be a bit more time consuming, however.

I attempted to find additional resources; however, these were the only ones that presented as relevant to our needs.

Best of luck on your hours, and never hesitate to seek guidance from your supervisor or a colleague you trust.

Michael Crile, MA, MA, is a registered associate marriage & family therapist and organizational leader. He currently is works as a Student Counselor with Comprehensive Youth Services, under the supervision of Lisa Brott. He takes the challenges and experiences from life to assist the clients he has worked with, to provide the best therapy for each client. He has worked in forensic environments working with individuals who had been in the state mental hospitals and with sex offenders on parole and probation. He enjoys a variety of therapeutic techniques, being extremely eclectic in the therapy room. He is scheduled to take his Clinical MFT Exam in September. In his off-time, he serves on the CAMFT-CSJV Chapter board as Secretary and on the Visalia Toastmasters board as Sergeant-at-Arms. He enjoys a plethora of music, cooking, writing speeches, creating power points, is a Disneymaniac, and loves nature, walking and jogging. 

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